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What is the Qwest Direct Awards Program?
It's an easy way for organizations to generate revenue while offering its members the best value on Qwest products and services, including high-speed Internet, Digital voice, Digital TV, and wireless products.

As an approved organization, you will receive monthly commission checks for each one of your members that signs up for a qualifying Qwest product or service offer.

Why should you participate in the Qwest Direct Awards Program? As an approved organization, you can:

Create a new revenue source for your organization. You'll receive a commission for every member who signs up for, and keeps, a Qwest product or service for 30 days. Your organization could be receiving monthly checks from Qwest!
Provide value to your members by offering Qwest products and services at the best price.

It's easy and simple—and it's free to you and your members.

How can you participate in the Qwest Direct Awards Program? It’s easy.

Apply online. Click here to start.
If approved, you will receive login information and a unique Direct Awards Code.
Give your members the Direct Awards Code – they will need to enter it when ordering products and services.
Send promotional materials about Qwest products and services to your members. We’ve made this step easy by providing you with promotional materials right here, on this site.
Your members will be able to browse the special offers on Qwest products and services on their special members-only site. When your members order with your Direct Awards Code, and keep the product for 30 days, you receive a commission!

In order to be considered for inclusion to the Qwest Direct Awards Program, your organization must have at least 100 individual members (this includes the employees of businesses if your organization has business members).
Click here to read more about Organization Requirements.

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